Solar Voltaic

When faced with energy outages and electricity price increases, residents and businesses alike can really benefit from the added economic value and security of installing a solar PV system.

Solar Thermal

Today, harnessing energy from the sun to produce hot water is easier than ever. We offers systems that use solar energy to heat water for your home or pool easily and efficiently. Government agencies also offer rebates, making solar hot water systems affordable for everyone.

Wind Turbine

Untapped wind resources are the most abundant off the coast of the Carolinas, Virginia and Georgia, yet are plentiful along the ridges in our mountain regions.




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Jackson, TN - Mar 1, 2017
Take advantage of the USDA Grant availalbe until March 31st ...


Solar Evaluations

SRPS will perform a solar site analysis and provide you with a detailed proposal, including a simple financial and electrical analysis...


TVA Solar Calculator

Considering Solar? This tool can help you make an informed decision when considering whether or not to install a small-scale solar system.





Sonnen Systems

photovoltaic tracking systems align the solar panels to the optimum angle to the sun for power generation. This process allows the energy usually generated using static photovoltaic panels to be increased by as much as 45%. Optimal alignment is made possible by a precise astronomical control mechanism which can plot the course of the sun from any geographical location at a given time of the year.

The Communications Hub empowers the system operator to fully monitor and control the Sonnen Systems tracker from anywhere in the world.


Case Study

case study

Jackson Tennessee - 8.1 KWDC

This was the first system interconnect with Jackson Energy Authority in the City of Jackson TN. The project was designed and installed by Solar & Renewable Power Systems and was installed on a Million Dollar home and aesthetics were very important. The system is composed of Suntech Crystalline Panels, Fixed roof mount and one Fronius inverter. The finished project was inspected and approved by both the City of Jackson Inspectors and...