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Solar & Renewable Power Systems, LLC (SRPS), a division of Paradoxe Corporation, is headquartered in the hub city of Jackson, Tennessee. SRPS was one of the early providers of solar systems in Tennessee when our parent company diversified into the solar industry in 2008. Our parent company, Paradoxe Corporation, has been operating in the energy sector in the Americas since 1992 providing solutions to both transformer OEM’s and utilities. Today, SRPS offers a wide range of products and services designed to offer solar energy solutions to direct customers and to support other solar installers. Our professional team offers numerous value added products and services to help customers implement solar energy into their lives.

Knowledge is power and proper credentials are essential when working with solar. Our staff credentials include: NABCEP, Master Electrician licenses (in multiple states), Solarworld Platinum Certified Installer, Florida Solar Energy Center Training and Solar Energy International Training. We have the qualifications and experience to ensure successful implementation of your solar project.

Let us help you to preserve our green planet for future generations to come.

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