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Sonnen Single-Axis Tracking Systems

Single axis trackers have one degree of freedom that acts as an axis of rotation. The axis of rotation of single axis trackers is typically aligned along a true North meridian. It is possible to align them in any cardinal direction with advanced tracking algorithms. There are several common implementations of single axis trackers. These include horizontal single axis trackers (HSAT), horizontal single axis tracker with tilted modules (HTSAT). The orientation of the module with respect to the tracker axis is important when modeling performance. (source: Wikipedia)

Up to to 30% additional power generated compared to fixed-mount installations

Single axis trackers are preferred for their cost performance ratio. Due to the fact it can change its degree (relative to the ground) it can always perform at maxium productivity relative to the position of the sun.

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Sonnen Dual-Axis Tracking System

Sonnen's dual-axis photovoltaic tracking systems align the solar panels to the optimum angle to the sun for power generation. This process allows the energy usually generated using static photovoltaic panels to be increased by as much as 45%. Optimal alignment is made possible by a precise astronomical control mechanism which can plot the course of the sun from any geographical location at a given time of the year. sonnen_system trackers have repeatedly proven that they can consistently deliver improved levels of photovoltaic power generation in a wide range of conditions.

Up to to 45% additional yield compared to fixed-mount installations

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Main Features

  • Biaxial tracking system for photovoltaic installations
  • Astronomical control based on local coordinates
  • Centralized monitoring via Internet
  • Comprehensive safety concept: the safeguard
  • Building integration feasible
  • Additional yield up to 45% compared to fixed-mount installations
  • Track-back function to prevent cross-shading
  • 20-year warranty (depending on service agreement)
  • Suitable for all panel brands

Precision engineered in Germany, all Sonnen Systems units are manufactured to the highest possible standard ensuring lasting quality. The Sonnen Systems is constructed with the highest-quality components and materials available and is designed to operate for 20+ years, even in extreme climate conditions.

The Communications Hub empowers the system operator to fully monitor and control the Sonnen System tracker from anywhere in the world. Via a standard Internet connection, all operational data, system messages and power generation performance statistics are delivered in real time to the system operator. The Communications Hub detects faults as soon as they develop minimising any possible operational down-time.

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